Professional Gown Alterations & Tailoring

We Can Assist You and Your Bridal Party

Our Tailoring Department offers a variety of services to help you look and feel amazing for the Big Day!

• properly fit and alter your new gown
• restyle an existing or vintage gown
• bustle design, veil alterations
• fit and alter bridesmaid dresses
• custom garter and ring pillow

Get in touch to discuss a timeline based on your needs and wedding date!


Fit is Everything!

No matter your wedding gown – previously loved or high end label – unless it has been properly fitted for you, it will not look or feel like the dream dress that you’ve always imagined.

Below, we’ve put together a few basic tips to keep in mind while in pursuit of the perfect dress. These will also help with your fitting and alterations.


  • alterations should be considered as part of your wedding gown budget just like accessories and foundation garments
  • it is easier to take in a larger size than it is to let out a smaller size
  • bridal gowns are sized smaller than street clothes and different labels can also have their own sizing chart
  • if ordering online, be sure you know the exact measurements of the gown


  • plan for the amount of time you feel it’s going to take to find ‘the dress’
  • depending on where you buy, there could be considerable lead time for ordering / shipping
  • consider how complex your alteration needs are – minor fix or major restyle?
  • no bride needs more stress – get in touch with us early to plan ahead!


  • expect at least two to three fittings for standard alterations
  • ensure you bring the foundation garments and shoes you will be wearing
  • make sure you are comfortable in your gown – walking, sitting, dancing!
  • your final fitting shouldn’t be too far ahead but do allow time for any last minute needs

Restlye A Vintage Gown

Have you found your dream dress in a vintage shop or always envisioned wearing a family gown worn by your Mother or Grandmother? Our experts can work with you to update the style and make it your own.

This bride modified a third generation gown! –

Special Offer For The Bride

For brides that opt to use our MuseumCare™ Preservation Service to care for their wedding gown after the nuptuals, Classic Cleaners will press your gown for FREE before the wedding!

Your Gown Specialists

Classic Cleaners & Tailors are Certified Wedding Gown Specialists™ offering a variety of services to assist you before and after your wedding day.

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