Eco-Friendly System K4

SystemK4 - Better For The Planet

Classic Cleaners & Tailors is extremely proud to be one of the first dry cleaning establishments in all of Canada to deliver to its' customers the benefits of the K4 system.

For you as our customer, this change means peace of mind that your hard earned dollars are supporting a business committed to helping sustain the planet.

  • Non-haloginated, organic cleaning solution
  • Non-toxic, Biodegradable
  • Poses no risk for ground, water, air or people
  • Lower cleaning fluid and energy consumption

SystemK4 - Better For Your Clothing

Not only is SOLVONK4 better for the environment, it has very different properties from conventional dry cleaning solvents.

Its superior cleaning performance will ensure the highest level of clothing care you have come to expect from us ...

  • Brighter whites and colours
  • Softer, more supple clothes
  • Safe on more delicate trims & fabric
  • Removes oil and water soluble soil
  • Minimized fiber abrasion during cleaning
  • No harsh, static dry feel and less creasing
  • No dry cleaning 'chemical' smell
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