Services We Offer

Your Gown Specialists

Your Bridal Gown Restoration and Preservation Experts! As a Certified Wedding Gown Specialist™, Classic Cleaners & Tailors specialize in caring for wedding gowns, old or new, with an International Guarantee.

Expert Repairs & Alterations

Tailoring & Alterations

Our in-house tailoring department can repair, alter and restyle your clothing. We can measure and fit clothing for men, women and children – new, used and vintage.

Free PickUp & Delivery

Interested in our FREE Pick-Up and Delivery Service? There’s NO Commitment and NO Obligation and you’ll get $10 FREE Dry Cleaning on Your First Order! Get more info or signup online. It’s that easy!


Area Rug Cleaning

We are pleased to have partnered with Heirloom®Oriental Rug Cleaning Ltd. They utilize time honoured techniques and modern equipment for the most thorough cleaning possible.

Based in Calgary, they are a small family business – with a big reputation. They clean all types of loose area rugs and specialize in washing fine oriental rugs and collectible textiles.

UGG, Leather & Suede Cleaning

Leather and Suede items are a big investment and if cared for properly they can last a lifetime. Classic Cleaners can keep your leather and suede feeling soft and supple, remove the buildup and odours from regular use and help protect and condition your items.

We also provide UGG Cleaning and Conditioning with a Thursday to Tuesday turnaround time!

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European Shirt Finishing

Why is your shirt about to start an affair? Conventional shirt presses basically consist of two hot steel plates which smash against your shirt. Shirt buttons often take offence to this procedure and show their displeasure by breaking.

The TREVISTAR, however, utilizes the button friendly european finishing method – steam and super heated air. Your buttons will never miss those hot steel plates after they start a steamy affair with our frisky TREVISTAR.

Professional Wear

Whether it’s looking your best for the office every day or that special event requiring formal attire, Classic Cleaners will give your items the care and attention they deserve.

Suits, sport coats, pantsuits, skirts, dresses and formal wear are professionally cleaned, finished and ready for you to make a lasting impression.


Casual Wear

Have you ever thought about help with your household laundry? Consider some of the casual wear items that you’ve spent a little extra on – golf shirts, athletic wear, knits, cottons, denim, khakis – and how quickly home laundering causes fading, shrinkage or stretching.

Classic Cleaners can professionally launder these garments, extending their life to keep them looking newer longer and save you money in the long run. Your items will be washed, dried, folded or pressed and ready to wear!

Household Items

Is Spring Fever setting in? Getting ready to host the family for the holidays – or trying to recover afterward? Classic Cleaners has you covered!

From bedspreads to comforters, furniture covers to draperies or even your finest table linens. We can help with all of those bulky or hard to clean household items.


Texas Starch Jeans

Starched jeans have long been a tradition on the rodeo circuit helping repel dirt and stains making them easier to clean. With the added bonus of keeping their shape and remaining wrinkle-free longer, the most common reason for starched jeans is aesthetics. Think starched jeans, white shirt, black tux coat, black cowboy hat and your finest pair of boots!

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