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You can probably think of a million things you would rather do with your time other than laundry.

Classic Laundry Subscription

You can probably think of a million things you would rather do with your time other than laundry.

Pic bag


Fill your laundry bags! 

You will be surprised how much you can fit in them!

Your bags will be picked-up, or you can choose to drop them off.


We take care of it for you!

We separate, sort, clean, sanitize, and fold your laundry.

STEP Three

Put it away!

Pick up, or we will deliver your clean, sorted, and folded laundry. All you have to do it put it away!


SINGLE PERSON ~ 1 Small bag/week (25% off Laundry On Demand price)

 ~ $85/month

TWO PERSON ~ 1 Large bag/week (35% off Laundry On Demand price) 

~ $150/month

FAMILY (THREE PERSON) ~ 2 Large bags or 1 Large bag and 2 Small bags/week (35% off Laundry On Demand price)

~ $280/month


Need a little bit of help with your laundry but not every week? Laundry On Demand is a perfect fit for you!

Wash & Fold Service ~ $2.25/lb

1 small bag is equal to 1 load of laundry (12lbs) ~ 1 large bag is equal to 2 loads of laundry (25lbs)

laundry subscription service - faq

Payment is processed using your credit card on file at the beginning of each month.

If you are signing up part way into a month, we will determine how many weeks are remaining in the current month and adjust initial payment accordingly.

Yes, our pickup & delivery service is complimentary.

Pick up & Delivery dates can be arranged via our app, or by texting/calling our Manager Shannon directly at 403-550-7440. Pick up & Delivery can be on demand or ongoing with pre-arranged dates.

Pick-up and delivery turnaround time is 3 days.

For example, if we pick-up in your area on Tuesday, your items will be delivered, cleaned, organized, and folded, on Friday.

If quicker laundry service is required, we can accommodate next day service however orders will need to be picked up in store.

No, that is the beauty of our laundry service! We take care of separating your light and dark garments for you!

A good guideline line for what goes in the bag; if you usually wash it at home, it gets folded and put in a drawer or closet, then it likely qualifies.

Dry clean only garments would not qualify for our wash & fold pricing. If you have garments that need to be dry cleaned please let us know and we will process that order as part of our standard dry cleaning service.

Items that do not qualify for the wash & fold service include:

  • comforters/duvet
  • dryclean only garments
  • wedding gowns
  • dress shirts
  • formal dresses
  • sleeping bags
  • drapes
  • golf shirts
  • Blankets

As much as you can stuff in! You will be surprised how much you can fit in; as long as the drawstring closes, it qualifies. Items that cannot be fit into the provided bag can be wash, dried, and folded at our standard Wash & Fold price of $2.25/lb.

No problem! Putting a subscription on a temporary hold can be done by reaching out to our Manager. Please send direct subscription inquiries to info@classiccleaners.ca or contact our Manager, Shannon via phone or text directly at 403-550-7440.

Subscriptions can be cancelled if our team is notified before the end of the current month.
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